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Gardening: Creating Your Own Private Paradise

from: Gerardas Norkus

What comes to mind when the word "gardening" crops up (no pun
intended) is a lady in her golden years happily oblivious to the
outside world, efficiently caring for flowers, shrubs and all
other kinds of plants, in her own Garden of Eden.

She exudes a radiant glow, free from the stresses of beating
deadlines, negotiating contracts, rush hour traffic and stubborn
clients. Her world is of contentment and of peace unlike our
world where we have too much noise, too much pollution and too
many people.

Her garden is alive with fragrant blossoms, delicious fruits and
beautiful foliage. Far removed from the cold concrete, asphalt
roads and migraine inducing computers that we have to live with
all day.

Gardening has got that appeal that our inner selves seem to
crave. Maybe it is because of some unwritten doctrine urging us
to return to where creation culminated or maybe because we're
really too exhausted and too tired to work again and again or
maybe because having a garden adds bonus points when it comes to
attracting the opposite sex.

Anyway, whatever your reasons are, gardening can add more
quality to the way you live and even to some extent, it also
adds quantity to your life.

However, having a garden does not happen overnight and gardening
is not as easy as calling your overly demanding boss using your
mobile phone (better let him call you). But having a garden and
gardening is not so difficult as building a PowerPoint
presentation for a contract worth millions.

If you are intent in pursuing gardening as a hobby, then by all
means do so.

Gardening is a form of art that does essentially require you to
have passion for growing plants. Knowledge about fertilizer
mixtures, pest controls, composting and soil pH levels come
second. In this art form, you will be dealing with living
entities not paint and canvass or pencil and paper. That is why,
in gardening, it is important that you feel for your plant
because they reciprocate whatever emotion you show them. Just
like taking care of your dogs, you take them for walks, you pat
them on the head and you talk to them. In return, they gladly
bestow upon you their undying loyalty.

The same is true with gardening, you get them enough sunshine,
you water and cultivate them and you talk to them. And in return
you can have the satisfying and gratifying feeling of watching
them grow. There are no words to describe being part of
creation. No kidding.

Gardening does not require you to have your own greenhouse nor
does it require you to have a plot on your own backyard. You can
have your own garden anywhere you want to. You can have it on
your rooftop, on your balcony, in a pot on your window, your
garage, in your patio or even in your bathroom. There are
hundreds of plants that you can grow in those places. Having a
hectic schedule is no means a deterrent in having your own
garden. There are plants that require less watering and could
live in most types of soil. There are also indoor plants, plants
that do not require much sunlight, these plants can be for
people who live in places where the conditions limit the plants'
access to sunlight.

Gardening does not cost much to start and it does not cost much
to maintain, but the benefits you get would be immeasurable.
Just ask the old lady in the garden.

About the author:

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